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About Host 380

HOST 380, the name derived from our low $3.80 a month hosting plan and we cover the full circle and then some.

In 1998 the founder was dabbling in website design for his own use. As he became more proficient, his hosting needs became greater. He went through the natural progression of free, hosting to shared, hosting to dedicated hosting only to find it was just a number and could not get the tech-support he needed when required. he took on the task of learning more and obtaining his own hosting servers today HOST 380 offers the same quality, tech support, service, and affordable, priced hosting for your personal website, your business website, and website designer plans.

We will not have more than 25 – 100 accounts (depending on the size of the account) per Shared Hosting Plan. If you looked at the search above you will see the “well known” hosting companies you will see why our load time speeds are faster!

Rapid Deployment Shared Hosting is set up instantly for your immediate use.

VPS Hosting is up and ready within the hour.

Dedicated Servers built to order ready in 24 to 72 hours depending on your individual specs.

Available in our facilities located in: Chicago, Il, USA and Edison, NJ, USA.